A prisoner, escaped.

A princess, kidnapped.

A party, on the trail.

Their perspective…

Never again the same.

The trail of the escaped convict, a nameless cambion kept locked away for generations, leads to the mountains. No one knows how and why he escaped after all this time, taking the noble third-born daughter of Grand Duke Gumby Patafian von Schilda hostage during his flight. There is no time for heroics – every available mongrel adventurer in the grand city of Schilderheim has been alerted and sent to look for the devil-child.

As fate would have it, the party has tracked down the runaway and beset the entryway to the cave in which it lurks. They may not be the most prominent, nor the most experienced among those who call themselves adventurers but by the pits, they will succeed in this task. With the number of people involved, the reward will already be spread thin enough without having to negotiate with rivals who might arrive at the scene at any moment.

Yet the moment they rush in shall not be the end of a story but the beginning of the true story, one not of petty nobles overseeing a bunch of clueless from their petty thrones, nor of heroes whose names will be carved in the books of history for all of eternity on some mediocre prime world.

Welcome to the planes, cutter. The City of Doors welcomes you and your clueless bunch with open arms and jeering grins. Try not to hit the blinds before witnessing the full extent of your insignificance. The only way out of the Cage is to find the one who led you here in the first place.

5e Planescape: Tales of Devotion