Dead Sun Spices

Like powdered obsidian, this fine and brittle spice appears black at a distance but sparkles in dark hues of the rainbow when inspected in the light.


Potion, rare

A spice carried from the dying world on the other side of a certain portal which contains the essence of inspiration and madness. Used as fertilizer for Moxie Mushrooms.

When consumed, the Dead Sun Spices have the following effect:

Restore Sorcery. A sorcerer with wild magic sorcerous origin regains 1d4+1 sorcery points immediately, in addition to those normally regained only with a long rest. Other creatures gain no benefit other than a tingling sensation from this effect.

Surging Chaos. Immediately roll on the Wild Magic Surges table as though the user of Dead Sun Spice was a sorceror with wild magic sorcerous origin and had rolled a 1 for their Wild Magic Surge ability. If the character is a sorcerer with wild magic sorcerous origin, they may re-roll the result once before the listed effect occurs bu must apply the new result.


Dead Sun Spices

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