Act I Welcome to the Cage

The Premise, ‘Save the Princess’

Having made their way to a cave where the escaped fiend awaits with the princess, the party will be forced down the rabbit hole.

The Beginning, ‘A Whole New World’

On arrival to Sigil, the party comes across a helper in the form of Izador, a tiefling tout, but the tour across the planar cosmopolis is not without its twists.

The Pause, ‘Every Rose Has Its Thorns’

The Thorny Bush has a variety of offerings to survey by a curious yet clueless prime waiting for their meal, including the staff and their planar clientele.

The Climax, ‘Rose by Any Other Name’

Proof that no place is safe as long as Sitri knows the party is on the trail but also a chance to find the fiend.

Act I Welcome to the Cage

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