Shattered Temple, 'Pale Comparisons'


The Shattered Temple in the Lower Ward consists of a walled inner yard surrounded by the jagged remains of arcs over the temple and covered in razorleaf (see p. 110 of the Dungeon Master’s Guide for details). The ground of the inner yard is cracked and arid yet some brown tufts of grass peek between the cracks. There are three buildings and three elevated terraces inside the walls: the circular main temple which opens in each direction, revealing the bois verdurous -tree planted inside. The tree’s bright green leaves glisten with the appearance of eternal morning dew, and a perceptive individual (Perception DC 14) standing underneath will be able to see a few pomegranate-like fruits hanging in the inner branches. The two other buildings lie behind this main temple, as wide two-story blocks on both sides of the path.

Minor Characters

- Caylean, a male tiefling priest (see p. 348 of the Monster Manual for details) who welcomes anyone entering the inner walls with a supernaturally wide and saw-toothed yet genuine smile. He is wearing rather mundane clothes instead of a priest’s gowns and uses a dagger instead of a mace but this is simply because the Great Unknown does not adhere to the ritualistic strictness of the fake religions. He gladly tells the characters the story of how all the servants of other gods turned him away when he sought help for having been born a cripple. However, the Athar both accepted him and were able to make him walk again, unlike the servants of the impostors. He will give the characters a quick tour of the area and survey them a small distance away afterwards.

- Nahiri, a direct descendant of the Nahiri who locked away the eldrazi in Zendikar (Kor, see p. 11 of Plane Shift: Zendikar for details; Gladiator, see p. 346 of the Monster Manual for details with war pick instead of spear (2d8+4 piercing)). She is a relatively new arrival in Sigil but finds solace in the teachings of the Athar after witnessing how the gods of Zendikar turned out to really be world-devouring cosmic horrors. She has short hair, speaks in few words, and has a burnt-out fuse in terms of discussions about deities. If a peaceful discussion is established, she will share the story of her plane (as far as she knows which is before the eldrazi titans were defeated) and her ancestor. She will also mention how similar the white elf in the tower to the left feels to her, just gazing at the distance in silence. She is able to say that the elf appeared very recently, though, and has refused to speak to anyone thus far.

- Rosaria, a vampire spawn (see p. 298 of the Player’s Handbook) from Barovia where she was created by Count Strahd von Zarovich by accident and ported to Sigil by being lowered in her grave. She is lawful evil and will offer to buy blood from the characters, exchanging it for potions of healing (see p. 188 of the Dungeon Master’s Guide for details), one for each 10 hit points she is allowed to suck (up to twice a day, to a maximum of five potions over the adventure). Rosaria is enveloped in a heavy, hooded cloak under which she is wearing a farmer’s daughter’s commemorative clothes made of russet overgarments and a cream-coloured, slightly frilled shirt. The clothes are worn and dusty, though. She plays the role of a slightly simple and clueless farm girl to trick the player’s to swear to do her a favour (donating blood for free) until its ineffectiveness becomes evident and she reveals a much more cynical side of herself, willing to negotiate.

- Hobard, the githzerai (Githzerai Zerth, see p. 161 of the Monster Manual for details) librarian of the Athar, locked away in the scriptorium. He has little patience for nonsense and will try and evict the characters either with verbal abuse or literal (though nonlethal) violence. However, if persuaded (Persuasion DC 22), he can look for records pertaining to Sitri (if the characters are able to state how long ago the cambion was last an active member). The records reveal that Sitri the Sly is indeed a member of the Athar and used to work for the kyton, Zincir, a Mercykiller. There is a mention that the cambion might not be to be trusted due to this connection, even though its renouncement of the false gods seems genuine. Circumstances for this realization on its part remain unknown.

Absent Elf

On top of Glisten Tower, the characters will find an Eladrin woman with white hair and pink eyes who introduces herself as Vonaia (‘Ice Wife’) Kennyrundlin (‘Sworn to the Lover’s Kiss’) but is actually Sitri using the mask he received from Gwyllion. Sitri is looking solemnly at Sigil, discoursing telepathically with princess Clemence about what they have seen and will be seeing next. If interrupted (spotting him from the garden requires a successful DC 14 Perception check), Sitri will simply act as though he is mute, a story corroborated by the rest of the Athar. If approached, he will abscond but only to seek the protection of the rest of the Athar, behind the backs of whom he will hide. If successfully identified, he will drop he act and simply ask the characters to leave him alone. Given the chance, Sitri will explain how Clemence was actually dying and wished to see the planes beyond her small world, like Sitri had described them to her when she was visiting him during his imprisonment. The fact that he agreed still baffles Sittri who is visibly confused by this change of heart but he will try and explain it as a pact between the two before admitting that there is more to it even though he has not yet figured the details out despite having been reflecting on them on top of the Shattered Temple.

However, as soon as Sitri is getting to the details on how to return or the party is preparing to attack him for the soul gem, Sitri will be captured by a pack of four spinagons (spined devil; see p. 78 of the Monster Manual for details) and an imp (see p. 76 of the Monster Manual for details) sent by Zincir to track the party in case they find Sitri. The imp is ‘the Mouth of Zincir’ who only uses telepathy under other circumstances. It has a collar which allows it to speak on Zincir’s behalf and to convey its sensations to the kyton. Effectively, Zincir will welcome Sitri back in the Cage and congratulate the party on finding the cambion for him. While Zincir does not state his name, Sitri will spit it out after realizing who they are dealing with. Zincir will then bid the characters adieu by having the spinagons stun Sitri and leaving behind two spinagons and the imp to fight them while two carry Sitri away.

Shattered Temple, 'Pale Comparisons'

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