The Factions

For in-game purposes, the Factions of Sigil are classified as factions in game terms, and one may gain or lose renown in relation to different factions. One may only ever belong to one faction, however, and such membership grants one an extra personality trait which must be in accordance with that faction's ideology.

Athar ('Defiers', 'the Lost')

Believers of the Source ('Godsmen')

Bleak Cabal ('Bleakers')

Doomguard ('Sinkers')

Dustmen ('the Dead')

Fated ('Takers', 'the Heartless')

Fraternity of Order ('Guvners')

Free League ('Indeps')

Harmonium ('Hardheads')

Mercykillers ('the Red Death')

Revolutionary League ('Anarchists')

Sign of One ('Signers')

Society of Sensation ('Sensates')

Transcendent Order ('Ciphers')

Xaositects ('Chaosmen')

The Factions

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