The Lady's Laws

The Lady of Pain has set six absolute commandments to be followed while inside Sigil, and she personally administers punishment either through mazing or by being sliced to fricassée by the touch of her shadow. The rest of Sigil’s laws governing the mundane matters related to running the city are set and enforced by the factions. The laws the Lady has set are as follows.

Worship of the Lady is prohibited.

Any attempt to idolize or otherwise treat the Lady of Pain as a divine being will result in unmediated and invariantly fatal mutilation. The reason for the existence of the law remains unknown although some speculate that even the Lady would be expelled by the same power which keeps divine beings excluded from the city’s premises if she were to become one.

No harm may come to any dabus.

The dabus are the Lady’s faithful and hard-working servants keeping Sigil repaired and renovated around the clock. Anyone who harms a dabus should expect fatal repercussions.

There are to be no challenges to the Lady’s ultimate rule and authority within Sigil.

Anyone plotting against her or openly challenging the Lady’s right to rule will invariantly find themselves in one of her mazes – extradimensional pockets created to duplicate a part of the city in order to trap the revolutionary in a personal prison which may only be escaped by solving its inner logic.

Any attack which harms the city of Sigil either directly or indirectly will be considered a direct attack against the Lady herself, and punished appropriately.

It should be noted that this rule does not extend to most everyday criminal activities which are aimed at the denizens of Sigil. Instead, any large scale invasion or damage to the city itself are included and the appropriate punishment will be deadly and swift.

No divine entity may enter Sigil.

This ultimatum is not as much a law as it is a rule of nature. Deities, their proxies, and their avatars are excluded by Sigil by means of some unknown magic which prevents them from entering any portal leading to the City of Doors.

There may at no time be more than 15 factions operating within Sigil.

Set to end the bloody warring of the numerous factions of the day in an event known as the Great Upheaval about 630 years ago, this law stated that either the number of factions operating inside the city would be culled to fifteen or the Lady would personally kill all parties in the war. It is uncertain whether the law is still in effect yet no one has dared to test this.

The Lady's Laws

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