Act II Searches and Warrants

The Premise, ‘Search for Sitri’

After Hellebore’s attack, Sigil basically becomes a sandbox for the players to explore, either in order to find Sitri and save princess Clemence (or at least to find out the portal to their home world he used all those years ago) or simply in order to adapt to their new environment and find some meaning or a way out. A big part of this is being discovered by Sitri’s old boss, the kyton (chain devil, see p. 72 of the Monster Manual for details; +3 Proficiency in Intimidate) Zincir, ‘the Benevolent’ (a name laced in irony, if there ever was one) who will use them to track down Sitri himself.

What happens depends partially on where the party goes, and this page contains some ideas both for location-specific encounters and for generic insertions. The Harmonium at the City Barracks will mostly be unhelpful but note down to look for an individual matching the description. However, only if there exists a reason to look for him for planar or ideological crimes: they are not interested in every each prime world for practical reasons.

Generic Encounters

Whatever chances or problems the characters might randomly come across in Sigil.

Great Bazaar, ‘Agent of Masks’

At the Great Bazaar, the party can find the supplier of Sitri’s disguise, Gwyllion Maskweaver (green hag). There are also a number of other merchants besides the hag with a lust for despair, with whom the characters may haggle for any goods they require.

Shattered Temple, ‘Pale Comparisons’

The Shattered Temple houses a number of Athar, including Sitri in disguise. One can find information on him on their archives as well as many a story of broken faith inside its crumbling walls.

Civic Festhall, ‘Centuries in Seconds’

In addition to all the events the Civic Festhall houses, it also contains a freshly extracted memory by Sitri, of his two centuries of imprisonment, compressed to mere seconds, as well as a mysterious memory not belonging to him.

Hall of Records, ‘Ours for the Taking’

Negotiating with the Fated is not easy even with the backing of one of their own, and tributes will have to be paid for old archives to be reopened.

City Prison, ‘Innocence Proves Nothing’

The Red Death is relentless in its pursuit but only when there are crimes to be brought to justice. Planars play by their own rules but justice is universal.

Act II Searches and Warrants

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