Act III In the Dark

The Premise, ‘Locate Zincir’

After Zincir snatches Sitri, if the party wishes to have princess Clemence’s soul back and/or return to their home plane, they must now instead get to Zincir. Some facts they may have traced during the previous act(s) include:
- Zincir is a Mercykiller.
- The ‘Nail of Dis’ gambling hall has connections to Zincir.
- Zincir used to run a brothel called ‘Chain and Whip’.
- Zincir is a kyton – a chain devil.

Where Zincir has taken Sitri is in the part of Sigil’s prison he oversees and where he is preparing a grand ritual in the Lady’s honour. Zincir idolizes the Lady as a divine entity and intends to elevate her in one fell swoop before being cut down by her for breaking the tabu.

Relevant Throwbacks

There are a number of characters the party may have already encountered around Sigil and whose help (voluntary or not) would benefit them in their quest to locate and defeat Zincir.

Enter the Crucible

Even after Zincir has been located, being able to access the prison is no easy task and the kyton has prepared a challenge for any unwelcome visitors.

Depths of Despair

At the bottom of the abyss one finds the truth about Zincir’s ambitions and the party must face their greatest challenge yet if they intend to push themselves to the bitter end.

The Afterparty

Hopefully, having survived the horrors beneath Sigil’s prison and retrieved their key home, the party will have to choose their new path.

Act III In the Dark

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