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Life in Sigil

The Factions

An introduction to the fifteen main factions with distinct philosophies, vyeing for power across the Outer Planes and particularly in Sigil.

The Cant

Some basic vocabulary for the Planar Cant, the form of common spoken across the Outer Planes.

The Three Rules

The three assumptions which define how the planes work in people’s minds and thus in actuality.

The Lady’s Laws

The only absolute rules set and enforced by the Lady of Pain within Sigil.

Dramatis Personae

The most distinctive inhabitants of Sigil known by name by a large number of the city’s inhabitants.

The Story

Act I Welcome to the Cage

In which our heroes find themselves in pickles beyond their imagination and trapped away from home.

Act II Searches and Warrants

In which the clueless sods blindly grasp for the purpose which brought them to the Cage in the first place, trying to fit in.

Act III In the Dark

In which the bashers are swallowed in a plot greater than themselves and must reach the depths of it before their luck runs out.

Main Page

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